walking aids for the elderly

When searching for walking aids for the elderly, certain needs of the person need to be taken into consideration.

1. height of the person

Setting up ones walker specifically to there height is very

important and should be done per manufactures suggestion .

2. Intended use , in or out door usage

Much thought should be given when choosing a walker because what works inside may not be what you need out doors. I use 4 wheels on my walker when outside but I find inside that’s not always thee case

3. Wheelssmile

 4. seating

I can only speak from experience and what I look for in a walker ad several over the last 18 years . Stability is probably the most important needs that I require as confidence is the key to success

Height of a person , the correct sizing is also very important and needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a walker

Intented use indoor or outdoor usage. I found a walker with wheels is a must ,  as I have very little endurance and pushing is much easier than lifting

Seating , is another important need that one should take into consideration when choosing a walker .  I need to take breaks and having a walker that allows me to do that is a must.                                                  


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