best adult walker

smile                           WHEELS

The best adult walker can only be determined by the needs of the person and should be taken in consideration when choosing the best adult walker. Myself the things I look for in a walker is the wheels, (must have wheels )

as pushing compared to lifting is much easier . “MUST HAVE BREAKS”



Having wheels is a must but with out breaks it can get out of controle FAST.

sizing of walker

       THE FREEDOM IT GIVES YOUI cant express the feeling I get when I can “GET OUT” with friends and family.


I cant put into words how much I enjoy my freedom

and the benefit I receive from my walker. Independence is really important me and my walker gives that to me



The bottom line is this FREEDOM is everything . Do what you can as long as you can and BELEIVE in yourself and do all that you can . Life is good and with the mobility aids that they have today make it possible for people like me to have happy and productive lives.




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