This walker is “nice” —–its really true  — you get what you pay for

The breaks , wheels , the ease of use and height adjustment . This walker is worth every penny and I believe you will be very happy with this purchase and you should get many years of enjoyment from it . If you would like to purchase walker you can go here .


        The nitro elite carbon fiber , luxury rollator features a luxurious super light weight carbon fiber frame; that weighs only 12 lbs for powerful performance with swift and effortless mobility . It is equipped with an opulent and removable zippered storage bag; its equipped with an opulent and removable zippered storage bag; its unique bag attachment keeps bag securely in place when the rollator is open or folded . the nitro elite cf seat is durable and comfortable , with a break cable inside the frame for added safety . The handle height can easily be adjusted using a unique push button . the caster forks design enhances turning radius also the nitro elite cf features a large 10″ front casters that allow optimal steering and rolling comfort . it can easily be folded with one hand to ultra-compact size for storage and its handle is located on the seat . the  cross break design elbows for side-by-side  folding and added stability .


weight capacity  —–300 lbs

product weight  —–12 lbs

 seat width  ———-17.75″

 SEAT DEPTH  ———-8.5″












I can’t emphasize this point enough. When you keep your walker clean you have a good chance at finding and correcting what ever problem that you find before it becomes an issue.


                                ——-LIFE IS GOOD——–

Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Luxury Rollator

Easy to Fold
Easy Adjust Handle Height
Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame
Weight Capacity
300 lbs.
Product Weight
12 lbs.
Overall Width
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The best mobility walker depends on the specific needs of the person . cost, weight , wheels /no wheels . What  ever walker you decide on it needs to be adjusted to the size and the personal needs of the person

Happy senior handicapped lady with a walking disability enjoying a walk in a sunny park pushing her walker .

desides on is a concern for a lot of people

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smile                           WHEELS

The best adult walker can only be determined by the needs of the person and should be taken in consideration when choosing the best adult walker. Myself the things I look for in a walker is the wheels, (must have wheels )

as pushing compared to lifting is much easier . “MUST HAVE BREAKS”



Having wheels is a must but with out breaks it can get out of controle FAST.

sizing of walker

       THE FREEDOM IT GIVES YOUI cant express the feeling I get when I can “GET OUT” with friends and family.


I cant put into words how much I enjoy my freedom

and the benefit I receive from my walker. Independence is really important me and my walker gives that to me



The bottom line is this FREEDOM is everything . Do what you can as long as you can and BELEIVE in yourself and do all that you can . Life is good and with the mobility aids that they have today make it possible for people like me to have happy and productive lives.




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When searching for walking aids for the elderly, certain needs of the person need to be taken into consideration.

1. height of the person

Setting up ones walker specifically to there height is very

important and should be done per manufactures suggestion .

2. Intended use , in or out door usage

Much thought should be given when choosing a walker because what works inside may not be what you need out doors. I use 4 wheels on my walker when outside but I find inside that’s not always thee case

3. Wheelssmile

 4. seating

I can only speak from experience and what I look for in a walker ad several over the last 18 years . Stability is probably the most important needs that I require as confidence is the key to success

Height of a person , the correct sizing is also very important and needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a walker

Intented use indoor or outdoor usage. I found a walker with wheels is a must ,  as I have very little endurance and pushing is much easier than lifting

Seating , is another important need that one should take into consideration when choosing a walker .  I need to take breaks and having a walker that allows me to do that is a must.                                                  


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Happy senior handicapped lady with a walking disability enjoying a walk in a sunny park pushing her walker or wheel chair, aid and support during retirement concept.

A 4 wheeled mobility walker is the type of walker that suits me best for the following reasons—-

1. pushing is much easier than lifting for me as it requires less energy.

2. allows me to accomplish tasks I would not even at tempt with out it

My 4 wheeled mobility walker gives me  a sense of freedom that I thought I lost. I am able to go places and attend things today that without the use of my walker that would not be possible . I enjoy getting out and being apart of the world especially doing things with family. My walker gives me that gift. My wish is that everybody is able to keep there independence and enjoy life to its

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The best mobility walker will depend on the needs of each person . I made a list of conditions that I think one should consider before choosing the best mobility walker

1.Types of usage(inside/outside or both)

Happy senior handicapped lady with a walking disability enjoying a walk in a sunny park pushing her walker or wheel chair, aid and support during retirement concept.

2. The weight and size of the of the individual

3.The needs of the person

exercise, in home needs, and all purpose needs ( every day needs )

4. Out doors–( stronger built )

suited better for the people with a more active life style that require a sturdier walker

5.weight &  features

The bottom line is this–

Keep in mind that each person has there own individual needs that should be taken into consideration when choosing the correct

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Hello, My name is Brett. In 1999 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My outlook on life changed that day and I realized quickly that if I wanted any quality in my life I was going to start getting active. I started by walking at first to my mail box and back to the house. Slowly I started increasing the distance and all the health benefits I received fro


These are some of the benefits I received walking

1. Improved my stress level

2. Building up strength and feeling of well being

3. Mobility    (independence, ability to navigate )

4. confidence


Today I’m unable to walk long distances but I have gratitude to still be able to walk the distance that I do. My hope for those of us with disabilities is that we continue thrive and maintain a quality of life and to find ways to keep our mobility through diet, exercise and  what ever means that work for you. My wish is that we all do what we can

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